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The Hunter Street Charity is a non-profit organization and shall be operated exclusively for the support and financial assistance to children and families in need during critical junctures of their lives, for charitable purposes.



Step #1 Application

We are excited to get to know you. Please fill out our application to help us determine if we are a good match.

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Step #2 Selection

Each submission is reviewed by Hunter Street Charity board members.


Step #3 Notification

If selected, you will be notified via email or mail. It's that simple to get the help you need.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates are children or families in need during critical junctures of their lives. A special focus on providing emergency funds for home, transportation, and education, college funding support, addiction, health or psychiatric services or health care costs. Ideal candidates may show these attributes:

  • Perseverance

    • Overcome a notable challenge in their life

    • Proven willingness to work hard

    • Demonstrated willingness to grow and learn

    • Belief in their future success

  • Social Grace

    • Inclusive

    • Participates in volunteer programs

    • Willing to contribute to the greater good

  • Financial Need

    • Median to low-income families or individuals needing to overcome recent catastrophe: death, house fire, eviction, or escaping abuse

    • Median to low-income families or individuals with an immediate critical need: rent, utilities, or car repair

    • Median to low-income families or individuals with a financial need for drug rehabilitation, psychiatric services, or healthcare expense

    • Median to low-income children and first-time family college-bound students