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Welcome to Hunter Street Charity!

Welcome to Hunter Street Charity where our mission is to help children and families during times of critical need. We must thank the women and men of Hunter Street Co-Op for the concept and the foundation of love, acceptance, and generosity without whom the idea of this charity would never have been borne. We must also thank our board members for their willingness to contribute and support people in need.

First things first, we want to share an update on our Tax ID Status. As of yesterday we are officially established as a non-profit corporation in the state of Illinois! Yippee! Next steps are submitting the paperwork to the IRS to get the Tax ID and status. Our attorney is working diligently on this effort and she assures us we will have everything submitted, with an expedited review request, shortly. Keep your fingers crossed!

We want to share a few things about how the charity with run:

  • Near 100% of donations will be distributed to

  • There will be no employees or infrastructure

  • All board members are volunteers

  • Expected fees might include attorney fees, accountant fees, and postage for check distribution

    • These fees are expected to be less than 1% of donations and distributions

    • The first-year attorney fees may be higher. Subsequent years should be minimal retainer amounts.

Please check out the rest of our website to see who we plan to support during critical times of need.

Even though we have not secured the Tax ID we have chosen candidates for the Mueller Family Scholarship. We initiated the scholarship to recognize a student who had overcome a significant event in their life and to honor the teachers and administrators who helped guide them to success. One of the most enjoyable parts about the process was our daughter, Olivia’s, engagement, as she and her teachers were the impetus for the creation of the scholarship.

We had over 20 applicants with various needs. The selection committee, including Olivia, reviewed and identified several candidates who were moved to the final round. We met virtually and we unanimously selected a young lady who had persevered despite significant hardships. The young lady’s father passed away and she was placed with a guardian family. Her guardian family experienced financial challenges and moved out of state. She was a few months from graduation and she had nowhere to live as she finished her high school career. All the while she maintained great grades, a strong report with her teachers and administrators, and secured her acceptance into college. We are happy to have an opportunity to help her reach her dreams.

Olivia recorded a video distributing the award and it was announced the last week of May. We will share her success story, and previous scholarship winners, as they continue to drive towards success in their lives.

COVID-19 dominated the headlines for weeks, months even, but with the murder of George Floyd the ugly face of racism and systemic oppression reared its head. As the protestors showed their unified desire for real change, the message was blurred by unsavory agents rioting and looting. It has generated useful discussions amongst those of us who are willing and eager for the end of systemic oppression.

A discussion held with a friend revealed the desire for identifying charities and non-profit’s within the communities that so desperately need help. I shared with her a charity that I had donated to in the past that was initiated in the African American community and is dedicated to making change in their neighborhoods. MY BLOCK MY HOOD MY CITY

Many charities and non-for-profits are small, local efforts. Search and do research on charities before donating. Make sure they are spending their money on their constituents and not on infrastructure or a heavy employee load. There are several charity auditing sites that can show you the ranking of charities (ours is not on here yet) Charity Navigator is a good place to start. CHARITY NAVIGATOR

We are excited for our future and cannot wait to positively impact the lives of the people we will be helping. We will keep you updated on our Tax ID progress. Once we have that secured we will be able to distribute funds!!